Aviation Scholarships

Training for a career as an aviatoror aerospace engineer is expensive. Luckily, there is financial help available in the form of scholarship programs. Aviation scholarships are offered by all types of organizations, including private enterprises, local bodies and special interest groups.

Lawrence Ginocchio Aviation Scholarship

The Lawrence Ginocchio Aviation Scholarship is one of the student awards offered by the National Business Aviation Association, or NBAA. It annually provides five undergraduates with $4,500 each. Candidates must be enrolled in an aviation-related full time degree program at a NBAA or University Aviation Association, or UAA, member institution. The scholarships are distributed in the fall of each year, and the funds must be used by the end of the following year or else awardees risk forfeiture of the grant.

Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarships for Women Pilots

As Amelia Earhart was one the most famous and groundbreaking female aviators ever, it is fitting that there are aviation scholarships for women in memory of her. The scholarship fund was created by The Ninety-Nines, which is an international organization of women pilots, and it offers a variety of scholarships, grants and awards. There are scholarships for licensed pilot members to further their training and education, research grants for postgraduates, and new pilot awards of up to $2,000.

American Airlines and American Eagle Engineering Scholarship

Women in Aviation International, or WAI, is another organization offering an array of scholarships to females in the aviation and aerospace industries. WAI annually teams up with American Airlines and its regional partner American Eagle to award $5,000 to a student enrolled in an accredited aeronautical, electrical or mechanical engineering degree program. Candidates must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and will be evaluated on academic performance, personal achievements, teamwork and leadership skills, community involvement and career plans.

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Air Line Pilots Association Scholarship Program

Each year, the world’s largest airline pilot union awards a scholarship to a college undergraduate who is the child of medically retired, disabled or deceased members of the association. The total monetary value of the grant is $12,000, but the student receives $3,000 during each of the four years of the degree program. To be eligible, applicants must maintain an excellent academic standing with a GPA of 3.0 or above. Candidates can either be about to enroll in college or already enrolled.

ACONE Scholarship Fund

In 1987, the Aero Club of New England awarded its first two aviation scholarships. By 2011, it was awarding 13 scholarships a year. There are quite a number of eligibility requirements for these awards, including full time New England residency, current Airman and Medical Certificates and total flight time of 100 hours or more. Applicants must also be over 16 and be able to demonstrate financial need as well as the intention to pursue a professional career in aviation. The scholarship funds must be used within one year of award.

There are so many scholarships available that anyone who is serious about a career in the aviation industry is bound to find one with suitable eligibility requirements, monetary value and terms of use. It is well worth taking plenty of time to look at as many programs as possible before applying to one.

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