Aviation Scholarships For Women

As the presence of women in the aviation industry becomes increasingly encouraged by society, more and more organizations are offering flight scholarships especially for females. These organizations include not only special interest groups for women, but also major airlines and mainstream aviation associations.

The Keep Flying Scholarship

Offered by WAI, the Keep Flying Scholarship was established in the aftermath of the September 11th terrorist attacks. $3,000 is awarded annually to an individual working towards an instrument or multiengine rating. It may also be awarded to someone earning a commercial or CFI rating certificate. Applicants must have a private pilot certificate, at least 100 hours of flight time and a copy of a current 70%+ written test for the certificate or rating being pursued. An essay that explains how the candidate intends to use the funds must also be submitted. Finalists will be interviewed at the annual Women in Aviation Conference.

International Society of Women Airline Pilots (ISA+21) ATP or CFI-Multi Certificate Scholarship

In its quest to promote the advancement of females in airline flight decks, the ISA annually gives $3,500 each to four women working on either an ATP or a CFI-Multi certificate. Applications must include a letter of recommendation from a pilot who has flown with the candidate. Finalists are interviewed at the Women in Aviation Conference, or perhaps even prior to the event if they are unable to attend. The money is paid directly to the ATP Flight School, and awardees must complete training within one year at one of the school’s 20 locations.

AOPA Student Pilot Scholarship

Each year, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association provides $3,000 to a female working towards a private, recreational or sport pilot certificate. Eligible applicants should already have a student pilot certificate and should be members of WAI. As the award is based on merit, candidates will be evaluated on previous achievements, goal-setting abilities, involvement in the aviation community and commitment to successfully completing flight training. The application must include an essay on general aviation’s role in the support of national and local communities.

United Airlines B737NG Type Rating Scholarship

With a total monetary value of $35,000, this scholarship from one of the world’s leading airlines is for women who are already well advanced in their aviation training. Candidates must already have at least 1,500 hours total flight time, including a minimum of 1,000 hours turbine and 500 hours PIC. Other eligibility requirements include commercial and instrument ratings, a first class medical rating with no waivers, and successful completion of the ATP written exam. The application must include an essay on why the candidate has chosen to pursue a career in aviation.

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Women in Corporate Aviation (WCA) Career Scholarship

$2,000 is annually awarded to an individual pursuing professional development or career advancement in corporate aviation. The funds must be spent on a specific program of education. WCA suggests uses such as flight training, dispatcher training, maintenance training or corporate flight attendant training. The awardee may also use the scholarship towards upgrading existing aviation qualifications. Pilots applying for the grant must submit copies of licenses and medical and logbook pages.

With so many scholarships on offer, there is no reason why women should not pursue the career of their choice in aviation due to financial inability. Females looking for funding should take advantage of these organizations’ attempts to help advance women within this industry.

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